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The rising star of the Turkish Riviera Kemer shone in the tourist sky not so long ago — in the 1990s. Since then, the resort's popularity has grown rapidly in parallel with the expansion of the infrastructure, allowing the host to provide low-cost services premium, and tour operators — to organize impressive entertainment and informative Tours in Kemer. Nature generously endowed the blessed Mediterranean coast of Turkey with its picturesque gifts: here met in a close alliance rocky mountain ranges, the purest blue sea with spacious pebble beaches and flora, in which amicably coexist evergreen pines with exotic palm trees. English-speaking tourists have long chosen these places for the holiday campaign, because the prices for entertainment in Kemer for adults and children are available to each of them. What else can a tired traveler dream about in a distant hospitable country?

Minister Tours Travel agency is the organizer of Excursions in Kemer with twenty years of experience and an impeccable reputation. Satisfied with the rest customers, with enthusiastic reviews returned from a trip to their home, and already dreaming of the next tour — our strategic goal! The efforts of the team of employees is focused on making an interesting, and at the same time budget holiday in Kemer 2020 was the most comfortable and safe. The company is proud to be a member of the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies TURSAB. Compulsory insurance of our tourists in safe hands: it is carried out by the Allianz insurance group from Germany.


The population of Kemer in 2020 will be more than 20,000. Permanent residents. Locals carefully prepare for the next seasonal boom, so without vicissitudes accept huge strings of guests who want to visit unusual places in Kemer, than cause a multiple increase in the total number of the area.

About Kemer Turkey

The small district center of The province of Antalya has the status of a resort city and seaport. Located just 46 kilometers of winding mountain route with tunnels in the southwest direction of Antalya airport. But half a century ago there was no other way and travel was by ship on sea.

In the historical past there were also terrible memories of the convergence from the Taurus Mountains of mud flows of destructive power, which regularly destroyed the settlement, then called the “old village.” It has been a century since the city received a “second birth” and a new name “belt” (Tours in Kemer), thanks to the construction of which not only escaped from the natural disasters that plagued him, but also blossomed in the new colors of today's incarnation. The straitjacketed mountains now carefully protect the inhabitants of their foot and their guests from all over the world from the bad weather and torrential rains of the Antalya coast of Turkey.

The tour platform

The dynamics of the rapid expansion of the resort's infrastructure facilities over the past 20 years have produced a great result:

  • The hotel fund has grown more than 15 times. In 2020, more than 300 hotels of various rank and price offer are ready to open their doors: from unassuming family-style guest houses to stunning luxury apartments of hotel conglomerates of extra-class;
  • The rapid transfer from the airport in Antalya was made possible by the rapid construction of the D400 highway, which connected the southern coast of Turkey, and the tunnels laid allowed to significantly reduce travel time without bypassing the mountains;
  • The retail chain offers a great shopping, so you should stock up on resources and think in advance about what to buy in Kemer;
  • Catering establishments with traditional cuisine and culinary delights to the taste of the most sophisticated of gourmets will feed all comers;
  • Entertainment venues and famous discos Aura, Inferno and others will set an energetic rhythm to dance and evening entertainment of adults;
  • Clean pebbles, including free beaches - an unsurpassed place for relaxation;
  • water attractions for children and other fun themed areas are suitable for family pastime.

How to Relax and Enjoy

No one will argue that investing in a healthy holiday is the best you can think of when going on a trip. Leaving a little aside from the usual tourist paths, vacationers with delight for themselves and their hard-working body will open the opportunity to visit a real Turkish bath will please "hamam" and “stoically endure” a relaxing massage. Undoubtedly, mud rejuvenation procedures and caressing thermal waters.

Walking through the old town and streets in the center of Kemer, where at every turn is full of souvenir shops, museums, shops with fragrant sweet yummy and local products “hand maid” can leave a lasting impression of the eastern fairy tale. “Memory cuts” in the form of fashionable jewelry encrusted with semi-precious turquoise,chrysolite, cacholong, peridot stone and other sparkling colorful charms, can be bought in “Hadrian Kemer Jewelry” on Ataturk Boulevard. Famous fur or leather sewing and gallantry products will not forget about visiting the resort for a long time. Cool purchase, brought from Kemer, is considered a hookah, painted kitchen utensils and clothes in the national style. To visit the market, feeling the oriental flavor — a special delight for a resident of Europe!

A great idea is to walk with an introductory purpose through the territories of other hotels. Passing from the sea in Orange Country Resort, suddenly transferred to Europe and get to the famous streets that seems like Amsterdam in the light of evening lights. There is an urgent need to fix on a photo or a video camera, otherwise they will not believe!

Weather and climatic conditions

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by rainy mild winters and dry summers. Compared to Antalya, which is located very close, in winter in Kemer the humidity of the climate is much lower due to the fact that precipitation falls by 25% less.

For the warm season, the average temperature maximum in May is 20°C, in July it peaks at 30°C, and returns to the May mark in October. The average humidity in summer — 42%, and precipitation — extremely rare. The sky is clear, the temperature during the siesta gets in the shade up to 40°C. However, Sun in Available full Time.

For the winter months are allowed weak frosts, but snow and frosts have not been noticed here for a long time. However, in winter in Kemer there is something to see: 10 degrees of heat for tourists from Europe- just not a hindrance!

There is no wind in spring and summer. The town is surrounded on the west side of the Taurus Mountains, so the winds can get to it only from the south and southeast. The vegetation of the coast in such favorable weather conditions swells with juicy green colors. For children' rest, the climate is the best.


General Information : The rising star of the Turkish Riviera Kemer shone in the tourist sky not so long ago - in the 1990s. Since then, the resort's popularity has grown rapidly in parallel with the expansion of the infrastructure, allowing the host to provide low-cost services premium, and tour operators - to organize impressive entertainment and informative Tours in Kemer.
Top Hotels : Orange County Resort Hotel Kemer 5*, Mirage Park Resort 5*, Camyuva Beach 4*, PGS Hotels Rose Resort 4*, Alva Donna World Palace 5*, Rixos Premium Tekirova 5*, Club Hotel Phaselis Rose 5*, Queen's Park Tekirova 5*, Asdem Park 4*, Selcukhan 4*
Distance to center of Antalya : 43 KM Distance to center of Alanya : 179 KM Distance to Antalya Airport : 57 KM Distance to Gazipasa Airport : 220 KM Population : 25 000 People
Famous Beaches : City beach, "Moonlight" beach Nearby Entertainment Centers : Moonlight City Park, Deniz Embankment, Folkk Yoruk Parki theme park, Dinosaur Park Shopping Centers : Migros, Hadrian Group, Mona Lisa, Ottimo Kemer, Outlet Kemer Public Bazaar Days : Food market - Mondays, Textile Market - Tuesdays