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Belek Turkey Map

Preliminary on the map you can see the location of hotels and even the prices for accommodation in them. Most of them are five-star and are located off the coast (Maxx Royal Belek Golf and Spa, Spice Hotel and Spa, Royal Adam and Eve, and many others). You can book tours online and explore the beaches, the nearest attractions, right from the room.

Weather in Belek Turkey

Weather conditions in this part of the coast are almost always Optimal.

Spring is quite warm. In March, from 18 to 20°C during the day and 11°C at night. The water temperature is 17°C. In April, the thermometer rises to 21 to 23°C, and in May it rises to 25°C. The water is heated to 20°C.

Summer here is boiling. In the shade, the temperature is not lower than 34°C, and in the sun it reaches 40°C. Later in the evening it drops by 12-14°C and this is the most active time. The average water temperature is 27°C.

Autumn is also a warm season, but the temperature and air and water is gradually decreasing. Holidaymakers at this time are allowed to go some Excursions in Belek with children, to the famous Koprulu canyon, occupying 500 hectares of space, go to see the ancient ruins. In September, the thermometer shows 31°C during the day, 19°C at night, and in November it is 21°C and 11°C. It gets colder and the water is 21°C.

In winter, the resort continues to live an active life, despite the fact that the beaches at this time of year are closed. The average temperature during the day is 15°C, at night it is 6°C, and the water is no higher than 17°C. Rainfall is also increasing. But to enjoy the wonderful air, to swim in indoor hotel pools, to undergo spa treatments it does not prevent.

Regardless of the time of year and weather conditions in this resort city often gather representatives of the world golf community, as it is here there are clubs and courses known far beyond Turkey — Gloria, Tat, National, Nobilis.

Belek city Photos

On our website you will find many interesting photos, which depict hotels, beaches, nature and streets of the resort. Also, here you will find pictures of the most interesting places for tourists, parks, for example, The Land of Legends, which houses the stunning luxury hotel The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel and much more. Choosing Tours in Belek, reviews of which are regularly left by guests of the country, you yourself can make no less interesting and colorful photos for memory.p>

Belek Turkey Climate

The type of climate in the resort is Mediterranean with dry hot summers and mild, albeit rainy, winters. This is one of the places where life remains active not only during the high season, but also in the Winter. Tourists come to relax, breathe fresh, rich coniferous aromas, air.

Belek to Antalya Distance

Belek is located in the southeast of the province, 30 kilometers from Antalya (city). Also, located 20 miles (32 km) from the airport. You can overcome the distance by public transport, bus, or rented car (about 50 minutes on the road).

Belek Turkey Upcoming Events

Every year, the city and its district host interesting events that deserve attention:

  • International Jazz Festival – Held at Aspendos (amphitheater) in the last days of June;
  • Opera and Ballet Festival — held in Aspendos in August, the end of the month, perform opera performers and dance groups from around the world, and what other Excursions in Belek are available you can, see in our website;
  • Folk dance and music Festival, where you can get acquainted with Turkish culture - mid-May;
  • Comedy club festival with famous English stars — at the end of April (main program, dance, competitions in which you can participate);
  • Bridge TV Need for Fest is a festival featuring stars from Europe (humor, dance, performances, music and more);
  • International Belek Salsa Festival , salsa event (late May) is held at the Adora Resort Hotel;
  • Oriental dreams is an Oriental Dance Festival held in mid-February at the Spice Hotel and Spa.

In addition, you can order various trips and get acquainted with national holidays, interesting and informative.


General Information : Belek is a modern luxury resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Despite its youth, this region has gained huge popularity with its developed infrastructure, stylish and fashionable hotels and excellent conditions for holidays with children.
Top Hotels : Innvista Hotels Belek 5*, Pine Beach Belek 5*, Club Mega Saray HV-1, Orange County Resort Hotel Belek 5*, Cesars Temple De Luxe 5*, Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel & Spa 5*, Port Nature Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa 5*, Maya World Belek 4*
Distance to center of Antalya : 44 KM Distance to center of Alanya : 107 KM Distance to Antalya Airport : 36 KM Distance to Gazipasa Airport : 149 KM Population : 7000 People
Famous Beaches : Central City Beach Nearby Entertainment Centers : Belek Golf Club, Horse Riding School, Thessaloniki Natural Parks Shopping Centers : Forsamall Shopping Centre, Kadriye town center, Dream Fabric Outlet Shopping Center Public Bazaar Days : Saturday

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