Turkish Bath Hamam in Alanya

Visit Hamam in Alanya in the first of your holiday because your skin will be ready for burning and getting color. You will get the following services: dry and wet sauna, aromatherapy, peel massage, foam and relaxing massage. After that, you will have a face mask and a tea.


15 one person


  • Free transfer from your hotel
  • Heating your body with dry sauna and comfortable seats
  • Getting in the steam room with okaliptus menthol
  • Entering to th jacuzzi (water massage) and its good for your mucles
  • You have a Peeling massage with best quality
  • You will have a Foam massage
  • Therapy massage with special oil (25minutes)
  • Face mask (personalized)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Transfer back to hotel
Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
09:00 .. 18:00 every hour
Includesbath service, insurance, transfer
ExcludesAlcoholic drinks
Don't ForgetsVisit this excursion in the first days of rest to prepare your body for a perfectly even tan, Take with you swimsuits, Do not worry about towels, bathrobes and slippers, they are given out in the hamam individually
Adults 15
Children (7 - 12) 8
Infants (0 - 6)Free

Diffirence of Minister Tour

Transfer with V.I.P cars, Held at any convenient time, Individual service (without queues and crowds of tourists), VIP-level of Service is available only for our company customers, the Highest level of sterility and cleanliness (individual gloves, towels), Duration of oil massage — 30 minutes.

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail

Call Center

+90 551 02 02 702


Turkish Bath Hamam in Alanya culture is an inseparable folk tradition of our culture. Its very perfect opportunity to relax your mind and body. It's a great importance in terms of health. It cleanses the skin, takes the fatigue above us, regulates the respiratory system, it is good for the pain and most importantly it relaxes people. The culture in turkey dates back to 3000 years before the Roman basilica tradition. You will be the obvious witness when you visit the castle.

Former Roman troops would make the Basilica voyage before the war and after the war to relax and clean. They believed that it would bring them luck and power. The basilicas were a little different from the present. The first room of the basilica served as a restaurant. The Romans preferred to visit it after eating a coke. This choice killed some cardiac patients.

We invite guests to Turkish Bath Hamam in Alanya  to cure their soul and body in the first day of holiday.

The Romans believed it was because the gods had killed the dead, and they didn't think it was due to excessive pre-Basilic food. With the development of medicine, it was determined that eating out before it was wrong. During the Seljuk period, its culture was further developed. The tradition of eating has disappeared, and instead, pouches and foam massages have been included in the culture.

Minister Tours invites you to visit the best Turkish Bath Hamam in Alanya at the first days of your holiday to beautify your holiday. One of the most important reasons for this is to clean your skin before tanning. In this way, you will get the opportunity to tan more smoothly. You don't need to search for it in the city. We claim that the prices of the excursion are more suitable than the other cities of our country and SPA centers and massages have never been back in terms of quality.

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Where is Turkish Bath Hamam in Alanya? we offer you the best quality service with an affordable price. You will feel like a special guest in here and employees will give you all the attention. With Minister Tours, we are taking you to the most preferred hamam of the city. We have a 2-hour program. Our program included by our professional masseurs and included in the price is as above.
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