Salda lake and Pamukkale tour from Alanya

Are you ready to visit Salda lake, one of the trending activities of recent years? Just 4 hours from Alanya, Turkish Maldives expects you to walk on the white sands and swim in the cool waters.


50 one person


  • Free transfer from the hotel
  • Stop for a tasty turkish breakfast
  • Arriving to salda lake
  • Free time for swimming and sunbathing
  • Healing your skin with white sands full of magnesium
  • Departure to pamukkale
  • Free time for swimming and healing your body in the mineral waters of terraces
  • Getting amazing photos with the beautiful view
  • Delicious lunch on a quality restaurant
  • Departure to hierapolis and visiting the old columns and the ruined city
  • Visiting the amphitheater of the hierapolis
  • Way back to Alanya
  • Stop for dinner in a local resturant
  • Transfer back to Hotels
  • PECULIARITY OF THE TOUR: the excursion passes WITHOUT SHOPPING and races to the shops.
Tour daysMonday, Wednesday, Saturday
Tour hours
02:00 - 19:00
Includestwo way transfer from hotel , insurance, escort of english guides, entrance tickets to terraces,antique Hierapolis, and to turkish maldives.
Excludesdrinks, Cleopatra pool, Karhayit sources
Don't ForgetsDo not forget to take with you: water, breakfast from the hotel (lunch box), swimwear and towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, personal funds.
Adults 50
Children (4 - 7) 25
Infants (0 - 3)Free

Diffirence of Minister Tour

Minister Tours is one of the few companies that organizes tours in Alanya including entrance tickets and meals without shopping malls on the trip to Lake Salda and Pamukkale

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The excursion Salda Lake from Alanya - There's a famous saying that Philosophers say: There's a difference between looking and seeing. It is impossible for most of us not to see this lake on the main road in Burdur on our way to the Mediterranean coast or Denizli. Maybe we've been wondering why the beach is white. We've forgotten our curiosity after the lake disappeared from our sights. With the introduction of social media in recent years, the shared images and fairytale landscape of Salda lake have put this place in the first rows among the destinations to visit, see and even take pictures with the view. Salda lake is located between the villages of Kayadibi and Doganbaba in The Yeşilova district of Burdur city. The lake is a crater lake and is located in a 57 km2 area with a depth of 185 meters. What is the secret of the white sand that surrounds Lake Salda and makes this palace Turkish Maldives? Stromatolic rocks, which are also found on the surface of the planet Mars, contain a little bit of white color as well as substances such as soda and clay, which are good for the skin by producing magnesium. The lake is seasonally located between the stops of flamingo birds. Salda lake was declared a protected area in 1989 as the cleanest lake in the world. Minister Tours invites you on a day trip to lake Salda, a natural wonder just 282 kilometres from Alanya

The excursion Salda lake from Alanya starts at 02:00 with the arrival of guests from the hotels towards Burdur. Our journey takes 4 hours and 20 minutes. After the breakfast break around the lake, you greet the sunrise with Salda lake and witness the harmonious dance of the white sands under your feet accompanied by the sun-filtered lights. The lake depth averages 1.5 metres and is ideal for swimming. After an hour's swimming break, our trip continues towards Denizli.

The second half of the tour Salda lake from Alanya includes a visit to the world-famous Pamukkale travertines. Our tour company in Denizli city gives you a break by inviting you to lunch included in the price. After lunch, the ancient city of Hierpolis, Niegropolis, which has tickets included in the price, will reveal the history of this area.

Salda lake and Pamukkale tour entrance fee will give you 1.5 hours of free time in Pamukkale travertines owned by our travel agency and will give you the chance to swim in these healing waters. During this time, you can also swim in the ancient pool of Cleopatra. After free time, we visit the healing red water travertines in the Karahayit region. At the end of the Karahayit trip, the Salda lake tour from Alanya ends with the return to the district. You will be dropped off at your hotels around 7 p.m.

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