Alanya jeep Safari

Our travel agency wants to point out that every incision that comes to our district on holiday does not include only the blue sea and clean beaches. Its magnificent nature and high peaks will offer you a different Holiday.


15 one person


  • Transfer from the hotel
  • Departure from the starting point for the excursion
  • Visit to a real Turkish village - auls, farmers, nomads
  • Visiting Citrus and Fruit Plantations
  • Tasting fresh fruit and sweets
  • Visit to a cafe in the mountains, where they make Turkish flatbread gozleme,
  • Arriving at a restaurant on the Dimcay River
  • Serving lunch on a river seats (grill fish or chicken)
  • Relax in the water park or fishing
  • Check in the largest mosque in the region
  • Visit to the largest panorama of dimcay(photo-pause)
  • Way back to the hotel
Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
09:30 - 16:00
Includestransfer, insurance, English guides , sightseeing, lunch
Excludesthe Dim cave(4 €, optional), drinks (optional)
Don't Forgetsswimsuits, towels, sunglasses, sun cream, hats. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty while driving off-road you will have waterplay
Adults 15
Children (7 - 12) 8
Infants (0 - 6)Free

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By human character, we are part of nature. That's why we feel comfortable and free in nature. Mankind's genes are coded for hunting and gathering. Today, city life has imprisoned us and forced us to live in houses like matchboxes. When we go on holiday, the allure of the buffet in big hotels, artificial water entertainment between the walls, the big shopping centers hypnotize us and leave no time for us to spend time with where we belong, i.e. nature. When we are alone with ourselves, we regret not going to the mountains, forests and rivers that we can reach by reaching us while watching nature from internet videos or television documentaries. Our esteemed guests who have come to our town invite you to take Alanya jeep Safari so that you don't regret it and spend a day intertwined with nature.

The city is as famous for its nature as it is to its sea and history. Our district is located in the bosom of the Taurus Mountains as it is known. These magnificent mountains contain many beauties and hidden heavens. Are you ready to explore the Taurus Mountains on the Alanya jeep Safari with us? We offer you the contents of this activity, respectively

Our trip starts with a convertible from the addresses you specify in the open-seated 10-seater Land-Rover jeeps. After briefing you on the trip and making sure that your seatbelts are fastened, the Alanya Jeep Safari tour starts to move towards the Taurus mountains. Our first stop is on a hill for overlooking the city. It is possible to look at the city from the summit from a bird's eye view. Information about our district will be given to you here by our guides. Our convoy is moving deep into the mountains. After the city disappears, you're alone with nature. As you move along the dusty roads through the forests, the sounds of birds coming from around, pine trees and the smell of various plants will make you feel at peace here. Our next stop is a nomadic village located in the forest. This village, which was one of the first settlements, smells of history. Here you will be a guest in the old village houses, see the historical items and be informed about their usage areas. You can also taste the various pancakes that women in the village make on wood-burning iron hair. The Excursion can also play the role of a gastronomy trip, not only bringing you together with nature. The organic handmade carob molasses offered by the villagers, various herbal teas grown in the natural environment, handmade pastes consisting of forest fruits are just a few of them. Visiting the historic mosque at the exit of the village is also part of our program

As we all know, the Mediterranean climate and the taurus region, which receives plenty of rain, allows valuable tropical plants to grow. With this consideration, we take our guests who participate in the Alanya Jeep safari tour to gardens with bananas, tangerines, oranges, kiwi, avocados and various fruits. Depending on the season, our guests can taste these fruits free of charge

One of the places that everyone who knows our region thinks is the Dim River (Dimçay). So much so that everyone who is overwhelmed by the warm weather of our district is a river famous for its ice-cold waters among the mountains. The reason we come here at lunchtime is because you cool off while eating your delicious grilled meals, which is our treat by sitting on table platforms set up on water in greenery. We're giving you two hours of free time here. During this time you can eat, cool off by swimming in freezing waters, have fun on water slides, which are the endpoint of tea, or hunt trout with the fishing rods we allocate to you for free. We have hot pools not far away for guests who do not want to swim in the cold waters of Dim River - Dim Çay.

For those who want to Discover more nature, we recommend them Green Canyon Jeep safari from Alanya, here also you will see special beauties of Turkey.

After a break in the Dim River, Alanya jeep Safari has set a route to Dim Cave, which is hidden among the mountains, another landmark of our district. The length of the cave is 500 meters and there are saggy and lakes formed over time. The cave consists of 4 large rooms. You will feel like a passenger in the eternity of time as you walk around here. Our Programs are enriched with many pleasant surprises that we do not mention here. Water wars are one of them. The clothing of our guests who want to participate in the trip will help them to enjoy the tour to the fuller if they are suitable for jeep safari water battles.

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