Dear Guests, Minister Tours has become the authorized A -Group Travel Agency with the permission of all types of tour services among Turkey since 1999 with the license number 5665 vested by Ministry of Tourism.

Feedbacks about our unique programs are rejoicing since those programs are created basing on the conclusions of questionnaires answered by you.

Because entire programs are being organized by our professional teams we can provide you the competitive price. You are insured by Allianz Insurance Company in each our tour program. Intermediary agencies in the first meeting day sell all tours for excessive price by feightening the guests and drag you among the shops that previously contracted with for the agency commissions where this burdens you extra 50% cost .

As a Minister Tours our mission is showing the genuine Turkish hostility to all guests who are visiting Turkey by making them enjoying their holiday and precluding being exposed to any trickery and deceit. And of course, consign us new guests who are informed about the positive impressions about both Turkey and our Company.